Daventry Wanderers kick off on 9th November

Daventry Wanderers, our new walking rugby team, will be hosting a trial session on Friday 9th November at 6pm.  This trial session will be for one hour and is free of charge for everyone.

Either rock up on Friday 9th November at 6pm or register your interest with Philip Grisewood (just click on his name to drop him an email).

The Daventry Wanderers will then be running every Friday night from 16th November from 7pm - 8pm, with sessions costing £1 per adult and under 15s play for free.

What is walking rugby?

Walking rugby is a simplified version of rugby suitable for all ages, abilities & genders and being a competitive passing game, suitable for ex-rugby players, injured and rehabilitating current players and those interested in rugby without any experience!

Those past retirement age can still indulge in their passion without the full-on contact or those wishing to keep up their activity levels can try a new sport.

Walking rugby is a great leveller and you do not need to be fit – we can work on that together.

You do need a certain degree of mobility but as we are open to all genders and ages – a ‘team’ means you all work as one.

What you need to know:

  • No running – walking determined by one foot on the ground at any time when in motion
  • No contact – similar to ‘touch rugby’ rules – two hands on shorts is all the contact made which qualifies as a tackle
  • No mauls or rucks or lineouts
  • Scrummaging – max 3 players per team stood in upright standing position and non-contested
  • Passing backwards or lateral – offside rules apply
  • A try requires no bending – you walk across the try line ball in hand

Sound simple?

Well we want to encourage people outside of the rugby fraternity to come along and join in.

If it sounds a bit too easy for you as an ex or injured player consider to try reaching the try line when your automatic reaction is to run and you can only walk…with someone walking very quickly behind you. It does look funny at times but is a very effective way of raising your heart rate.

A typical session increases your daily step count by between 4,500 and 8,000 (depending on numbers per team).

Enjoy your team sport?

You will seek to work with your team mates to score a try – not done by standing still or ploughing forwards with the ball in hand.

You have to weave, twist, turn and pass – what the walking does though is it enables those of varying levels of ability, strength, age and fitness etc. to compete equally against each other.

What do you need?

Trainers with a good tread or suitable boots weather dependent and training type clothes – that’s it!

Oh and bring some water – you will need it.

We do a warm up before the session so if you have any injuries – let us know so we can be considerate of that.

Check with your doctor first if you are in doubt.

How much does it cost?

At the moment we are looking for contributions of £1 per session for adults with under 15s free.

Please get in touch with any further queries

Email Philip Grisewood

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